Cellular phone accessories is just a must for every mobile phone user. Even if you insist that you just use the phone to make phone calls and nothing else you may find a need for either
charger if the original charger breaks
car charger for traveling
Leather case or holster to keep phone on waist
Earpiece or hands free for driving
Bluetooth for driving or just be able to use the phone on the go.
or maybe even a battery (they don’t last forever)

Cellular phone accessories are not all one size fits all.

We will try to help with finding the right accessories for your phone.

ASK and we will inform you.

The hands free is practically a must for all phones.
Bellow is a list of the compatability of the 3.5 mm jack connection. Most commonly used with Blackberry and iPhones but will also work with all the models bellow.
List is not complete & never will be since lots of the new phones do use this kind of a connection.  Will try to update on regular basis.

Your input will be appreciated


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BlackBerry / RIM: 9900 Touch Bold, BlackBerry 8120 / 8130 Pearl 2, BlackBerry 8220/8230 Pearl Flip, BlackBerry 8300 / 8310 / 8320 / 8330 Curve, BlackBerry 8520 Curve / 9300, BlackBerry 8530 Curve, BlackBerry 8900 Curve, BlackBerry 9000 Bold, BlackBerry 9100 Pearl 3G / Striker / Stratus, BlackBerry 9330 Curve 3G, BlackBerry 9500/9530 Storm, BlackBerry 9520/9550 Storm 2, BlackBerry 9570 STORM 3, BlackBerry 9630 Tour, BlackBerry 9650 Bold / Essex, BlackBerry 9670 Style, BlackBerry 9700 Bold, BlackBerry 9780 Bold, BlackBerry 9800 Torch, BlackBerry 9930, Playbook

Casio: C771 G’zOne Commando

Dell: Streak

HP: Veer

HTC: A6363 Legend, A6366 Aria, A9191 Desire HD / Ace, ADR6200 / V2 Droid ERIS, ADR6225 Wildfire, ADR6275US Desire CDMA, ADR6300 Incredible, Arrive, Cha Cha, Doubleshot, Evo 3D, EVO 4G APA9292, Evo Shift / Knight / Speedy, Flyer, Freestyle, G2 Vanguard, HD 7, HD 7 Pro, Hero – Sprint CDMA, Hero 2, Incredible 2 6350 (CDMA) / Incredible S (GSM), Inspire 4G, Marvel / Wildfire S, Mazaa, myTouch 3G Slide, myTouch 4G, Nexus One Google (GSM), PD26100 Surround, PD67100 Mozart, Salsa, Sensation, T8282 Touch HD, T8585 HD2, Thunderbolt, Trophy/Spark, XV6875 Touch Pro 2 – CDMA, XV6975 Imagio CDMA

Huawei: Ascend 2, M735, U8150 Comet

Kyocera: E3100 Rio, Echo Dual

LG: 900g, AS740 Axis, AX840 / UX840 Tritan, C900 Quantum, CT810 Incite, G2x, GS390 Prime, G-Slate, LN510 Rumor Touch, LS670 Optimus S, LW690 Optimus C, MN510 Banter Touch, MS690 Optimus M, Neon 2, Optimus 7 E900, Optimus Chic E720, P509 Optimus T, Thrill 3D/Optimus 3D P920, US670 Optimus U, US740 APEX, US760 Genesis, VN270 COSMOS TOUCH, VS660 Vortex, VS740 Ally, VS750 Fathom, VS910 Revolution, VX11000 enV Touch, VX8575 Chocolate Touch / Samba, VX9700 Dare

Motorola: A45 ECO (Motocube), A555 Devour, A855 Droid / Milestone A854, A955 Droid 2/Milestone 2 a953, A956 Droid 2 Global, A957 Droid 2 R2D2, BackFlip, Charm MB502/ME502, Cliq, Cliq 2, Cliq XT / Quench, Defy MB525, Droid Bionic, Droid X MB810 / Xtreme / Shadow, EM330, Evora, i856 Debut, i886, MB508 FlipSide, MB511 FLIPOUT, MB520 Bravo, MB860 Atrix 4G, MB870 Droid X 2, QA30 Hint, W835 Crush, WX404 Grasp, WX445 Citrus / Ciena, XOOM, XT610 Droid Pro, XT720 Milestone, XT862 Droid 3

Nokia: 5130 Xpress Music, 5230 Nuron, C6, C7 Astound, E73 Mode, N900x, N97 Mini, X2-01

Palm: Pixi Plus, Pre, PRE 2, Pre Plus, Treo Pro 850

Pantech: CDM8999 Crux

Samsung: A927 Flight 2, Droid Charge 4G LTE, i510, Stealth V, Inspiration, Epic 4G, Galaxy S 2 Attain, Galaxy S 2 Function, Galaxy S 2 Within, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S Prevail, Gem i100, Google Nexus S 4G, Gravity Touch 2, GT-i5800 Galaxy 3 / Apollo, i220 Code, i225 Exec, i350 Intrepid, i400 Continuum, i500 Fascinate Galaxy S, i500 Mesmerize, i500 Showcase, i520, i800 Galaxy Tab, i987, P100, T849, i897 Captivate, i9000 Galaxy S, i917 Focus, i997 Infuse, M360, M570 Restore / Exclaim 2, M900 Moment, M910 Intercept, M920 Transform, Nexus S GSM, R10 Indulge, R360 Freeform II, R560 Messager II / R561 Vice, R570 Messager III, R580 Profile, R600 Hue II, R630 Messager Touch, R631 Messager Touch, R710 Suede, R800 Delve, R810 Finesse, R850 Caliber, R860 Caliber, R880 Acclaim, R910 Indulge, Replenish, S8500 Wave, T839 Sidekick 4G, T939 Behold 2, T959 Vibrant / Galaxy S 4G, U820 Reality, U960 Rogue

Sanyo: M6000 ZIO by Kyocera

Sharp: FX

Sony Ericsson: U5i VIVAZ, X10 MINI, X10 MINI PRO, X10 XPERIA, Xperia Play

ZTE: A410 TXTM8 2 3G, F160 Reflect