Cellular phone trouble shooting:

With experience with cellular phones since the beginning  of the 1990′s. These are some of the most common problems with cellular phones from the day of purchase .

I just purchased this phone and it does not power on.

  • When purchasing a new cellular phone you should have inside the box (this is the minimum) - Cellular phone, battery, battery cover (some models have the battery as its cover), house charger.
  • Make sure you put battery inside the cellular phone correctly. Look for the contacts on the battery and match them to the battery contacts on the cellular phone (contacts are usually a golden color connection). Make sure battery is in place, usually it will snap into place and will not move. If battery feels loose – Battery is NOT installed correctly. Once you have made sure the battery is installed correctly. Try to put the phone power on.  Usually you will be pressing the red button (also used to hang up the phone) for about 5 seconds and power should go on
  • NO POWER – locate the wall charger (travel charger) and plug it in. If this is the first charge for this battery you must be prepared to let the phone charge fully (overnight charge – 6 hours – a must for new battery).
  • At this time your phone may take a few minutes to turn on.
  •  If no power at this time – you should try to move the cellular phone to another power outlet that you know is working.
  • At this point you have tried everything possible.
  • If cellular phone does not turn on at this time. Take phone back to dealer and have them check & eventually exchange either the battery or the phone.
If your cellular phone falls and does not power on.
  • Most likely the battery came out of its slot. Try removing battery and reinserting it again in the phone.

 No power

  • Try charging. 
  • If phone does not accept a charge (not showing any display at all). Try a different outlet. If you have a car charge, try to see if there is power showing when using the car plug.
  • When there is no power on the phone and does not show any signs of charging when plugged to outlet. Most likely the charger is the problem and not the battery.

Charging the battery and phone dies as soon as I unplug the phone.

  • Most likely its the battery.  Try getting a replacement battery
  • If you have a cellular phone store near by, they may be able to test the new battery in your phone before you buy the battery.
  • NOTE: batteries are usually sold new but can not be returned for exchange or refund.  If you are not sure that the battery is the problem, try to get it locally (even if its a bit more expensive) and make sure it works before you buy.