Having a problem with your cellular phone.

When is it  time to change cellular phone battery is a question that arises every so often. Usually cellular phone batteries will last approximately 12-14 months (some will estimate them to last longer) before needing to be replaced.

When buying a new Li-Ion battery or when purchasing a new cellular phone (new battery should be in package) the MOST IMPORTANT function that you can do to help yourself enjoy the cellular phone is BE PATIENT!!!

(do not charge the phone unless you are willing to leave it on the charger for an overnight charge)

Cellular phone batteries need to be charged overnight (6-8 hours) for the first 3 cycles. What is a cycle? A cycle is considered a full charge and using the power of the battery fully.

Step 1 – Charge battery overnight  (6-8 hours)

Step 2 – Turn on the phone and start using – charge again only when you have used most of the power of phone. (do not charge again a few hours later – wait for battery to drain out)

Step 3 – Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the next 2 charging cycles.

After the third charge the battery will have its full power potential and can be charged for short period of time 20 min or half hour with no worries. The battery will have no memory effect and short charge will not harm battery. IF YOUR BATTERY OR PHONE FEELS HOT WHEN CHARGING  (AT ANY TIME) =  UNPLUG IMMEDIATELY !!!


Over charging batteries does have an effect on the battery life. Batteries usually need to be charged for no more then 60 to 90 minutes. The practice of overnight charging the battery is widely used by many users (not recommended), the battery overall life will be effected. Usually when overnight charging batteries on a regular basis will contribute to battery life span of about eight months to one year.

You may need a new battery if:

If your battery is dying and need recharging during the day.

Cellular phone is not charging or fails to turn on

If your battery looks imploded or leaking – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE OR CHARGE – battery acid is dangerous and if you try to charge it could explode.

Batteries are usually easy to exchange.

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